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About me

Hello I'm Clara Fruggeri.


I am a passionate painter and multidisciplinary illustrator with a working past in the field of architecture.

I'm curious about everything that is represented. An image, made either with pictorial techniques, through photography or through the use of computer media, arouses a great interest in me. This enormous transport towards the sensations caused by colors and shapes pushes me to deepen my passion for illustration every day seeking with dedication the best dialogue between different ranges of colors. I love searching for the most convincing textures to define the  tune between profiles, shapes and figures. Sure I am in love with art and geometries.


My favorite painting technique is watercolor. The play of power that forces the drops of water, smeared with color,  to follow my desire to respect that mental program that has chosen the object to represent is beautiful. In particular I love the Ecoline which with their bright colors offer bright scenes.

Thanks to the passion for painting it was easier to get closer to digitized drawing. My favorite informatic tools for my posters, drawings and illustrations are Autocad, Photo editing programs and Procreate App.

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